Writing on the Edge is an interdisciplinary journal that focuses on writing and the teaching of writing. Our audience is primarily college-level writing teachers and those interested in composition and classroom instruction. Established in 1989, WOE is currently in its 32nd year of continuous publication and releases two issues a year—in spring and fall. WOE is edited and published at the University of California, Davis.

Our Goal is to explore new domains of composition, rhetoric, and writing studies. We are interested in the spaces between genres and in exploring the boundaries that tell us we are reading this or that: a business letter or personal essay, a personal statement or short story. We recognize the ever-evolving landscape of writing studies and seek to reflect that evolution in our journal. We pride ourselves as an academic journal featuring articles that are enjoyable to read as well as stimulating for their contributions to pedagogical theory and practice. Our aim is to bolster and contribute to academic conversations about composition theory and controversial methods by sharing differing viewpoints.

We Publish works that capture the experience of writing and teaching and encourage authors to experiment with other forms besides the traditional academic journal article. As is our tradition, we look for a wide range of genres, including personal essays, humor, and fiction, but we are also open to further exploration into multimodal and mixed genres. We publish everything from case studies and interviews to poetry and excerpts of graphic novels. We are interested in articles well-grounded in scholarship that tell us something new about our profession, challenge our established ways of thinking, and encourage us to reexamine our current practices as teachers and writers. Our articles are often driven by personal narrative, and we want our readers to sense the person as well as the scholar behind the writing.

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