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WOE 1:1 (Fall 1989)

  • An Interview with Toby Fulwiler: "The Mechanism is Writing" - Eric James Schroeder
  • In the Zones: Hypertext and the Politics of Interpretation - Stuart Moulthrop
  • The Modern Value of Ancient Roman Methods of Teaching Writing, with Answers to Twelve Current Fallacies - James Murphy
  • An Interview with Michael Herr: "We've All Been There" - Eric James Schroeder
  • Undergraduate Creative Writing: The Unexamined Ostrom
  • Leadership in College Writing Groups - Robert Brooke, Tom O'Connor, and Ruth Mirtz
  • New Lamps for Old: A Reevaluating of Technical - Elizabeth R. Turpin
  • An Interview with Oliver Sacks - Dale Flynn and Susan Palo

WOE 1:2 (Spring 1990)

  • An Interview with Mike Rose: "Imagine a Writing Program" - Susan Palo
  • Psychological Types and Teaching Writing - Charles H. Sides
  • Who Knows How the Wind Blows: Cognitive Styles in (and Outside) the Classroom - Lori Ann Miller
  • Love in the Classroom - Al Zolynas
  • The Work of Life: Teaching Technical Writing as a Subversive Activity - Warren. W. Werner
  • MAD - Jerome Stern
  • Vygotsky, Werner, and English Composition: Paradigms for Thinking and Writing - Karen K. Jambeck ~ Barbara D. Winder
  • Untitled - Molly Giles
  • An Interview with Amy Tan: Fiction-"The Beast that Roams" - Emory Davis

WOE 2:1 (Fall 1990)

  • An Interview with Richard Lanham: Learning by Going Along - Carolyn Handa and Gretchen Flesher
  • The Ethical Complexity of Collaboration - Thomas Trzyna and Margaret Batschelet
  • Throwing Our Voices: The Effects of Academic Discourse on Personal Voice - Susan Wyche-Smith and Shirley K Rose
  • An Interview with Richard Selzer: Rituals of Writing - Dale Flynn
  • Beyond Mastery: Postmodern College Composition - Clara Juncker
  • Priest on Priest - Robert Grudin
  • Why I Take Good Care of my Macintosh - Gary Snyder
  • An Interview with Gary Snyder: "Language is Wild" - Donald Johns

WOE 2:2 (Spring 1991)

  • An Interview with Andrea Lunsford and Lisa Ede: Collaboration as a Subversive Activity - Alice H. Calderonello, Donna B. Nelson, and Sue C. Simmons
  • Collaborative Classrooms: Building a Community of Writers - Sharon Hamilton-Wieler
  • An Interview with Larry Heinemann: "Novels Are More Polite…" - Eric James Schroeder
  • Plain Language from a Postmodernist Professor - Jane Bowers
  • Having Submitted the Manuscript… - Robert Grudin
  • Slaves of the Word - Clark Brown
  • An Interview with Stephen Jay Gould: "This View of Writing" - Jared Haynes
  • Writing on the Hypertextual Edge - Stuart Moulthrop
  • Notes for Izme Pass ExposŽ - Carolyn Guyer and Martha Petry
  • The Shapes of WOE - Jay David Bolter
  • "Trying to See the Garden": Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Hypertext Use in Composition Instruction - Johndan Johnson-Eilola

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WOE 3:1 (Fall 1991)

  • An Interview with Linda Flower: Helping Writers Build Mansions with More Rooms - Jill Wilson
  • Social Constructionist Composition and the Hunger of Imagination - William B. Lalicker
  • Students Writing An Essay Exam - Frances Ruhlen McConnel
  • A Writer's Potpourri - Peter R. Stillman
  • From the Photograph to the Written Text: Writing as Translation - Ann C. Colley
  • The Skull Beneath the Skin - Virginia Allen
  • An Interview with Calvin Trillin: "I'll Just Go and Fix It" - John Boe

WOE 3:2 (Spring 1992)

  • Dialectical Notions: An Interview with James Berlin - Brian A. Connery and Van E. Hillard
  • No Breaks, No Time-Outs, and No Place to Hide: A Writing Lab Journal - Margrethe Ahlschwede
  • Don't Do This: A Short Guide to What Not to Do - Jerome Stern
  • "Nous, Nous Ensemble": Orality and Group-Directedness Shaping Written Discourse - Thomas R. Moore
  • Textual Androgyny, the Rhetoric of the Essay, and the Politics of Identity in Composition (or The Struggle to be Girly-Man in a World of Gladiator Pumpitude) - Paul Heilker
  • Ink/Pixel : Rewriting Self-Construction, Briefly - Joe Amato
  • The Biorhythms of a Writer: An Interview with Perri Klass - Dale Flynn

WOE 4:1 (Fall 1992)

  • An Interview with Peter Elbow: "Going in Two Directions at Once" - John Boe and Eric Schroeder
  • Reclaiming Our History: Theodore Baird and English 1-2 at Amherst College, 1938-1966 - Robin Varnum
  • Spider Teaching - Chris Miller
  • Spilt Religion: Student Motivation and Values-Based Writing - Janice Neuleib
  • Reading Without Seeing: The Process of Holistic Scoring - Mary Louise Buley-Meissner
  • An Interview with Cynthia Selfe: "Nomadic Feminist Cyborg Guerilla" - Carolyn Handa
  • A Feel for Prose: Interstitial Links and the Contours of Hypertext - Michael Joyce
  • Informand and Rhetoric: A Hypertextual Experiment - Stuart Moulthrop
  • On Achieving Tenure - Jim Whearty
  • An Interview with Roger Angell: "They Look Easy, But They're Hard" - Jared Haynes

WOE 4:2 (Spring 1993)

  • An Interview with Donald Murray: "Mucking about in Language I Save my Soul" - Driek Zirinsky
  • The Writer as Holy Fool: A Virtue of Stupidity - Tony Jasmowski
  • Performing John Cage's 4'33" in the Freshman Composition Classroom - David Starkey
  • Primal Sympathy - Meredith Sabini
  • Take Nothing for Granted - Terry Caesar
  • Collaborative Learning: How Well Does It Work - Margaret Tebo-Messina
  • Collaboration in Practice - Chris Anson, Laura Brady, and Marion Larson
  • Two Things Converged - Emory Davis
  • Giving Blood - Meredith Sabini
  • A Rhetoric of Hypertextual Invention- Thomas Hager
  • The god with lightning feet - Meredith Sabini
  • Crossing the Lines: On Creative Composition and Composing Creative Writing - Wendy Bishop
  • Role-Playing and the Interstitial Person: An Interview with Jonathan Miller - Dale Bachman Flynn

WOE 5:1 (Fall 1993)

  • "The Takeaway": An Interview with Joseph Williams and Gregory Colomb - Donald Johns
  • Liberty of Ideas: Renaissance Copia and the Nature of Free Thought - Robert Grudin
  • Hamlet - Charles Hood
  • F-R-E-E-D-O-M-C-O-M-P-U-T-E-R - Nancy Dunlop
  • "The Ancient Mariner Experience": An Interview with Margaret Atwood - James McElroy
  • Writer's Block: Guest Column - Lawrence B. Coleman
  • The Shape of Fact - Wendy Bishop
  • Initiating - Charles Stanion
  • Arrival - Jo Ann Heydron
  • Like No Other Woman: "Isabella" and the Politics of Violence - Angela Farkas
  • Writing About Lives on the Edge: An Interview with William Finnegan - Ellen Lange

WOE 5:2 (Spring 1994)

  • From the Senior Editor - Eric Schroeder
  • "James J. Murphy," an illustration - Victor Ichioka
  • "Setting Minds in Motion": An Interview with James J. Murphy - Mardena Creek
  • Over the Edge: When Reviewers Collide - Christine A. Hult
  • A Preface on Rejection - Donald M. Murray
  • Pushing the Edge - Donald M. Murray
  • The Second Motion of the Mind: Reviewing, Mentoring, Judgment, and Generosity - Elizabeth Rankin
  • Lip-Synching With Your Dog - Bonnie Auslander
  • "Radical Pedagogy": An Interview with Patricia Bizzell - Sidney I. Dobrin and Todd Taylor
  • Meeting the Eye: Form and Function in Student Writing - Anne J. Mullin
  • Lessons in Life - Dawn Dreyer
  • Paradise Reclaimed: Or, How I Grew Up Through English - Sharon Flitterman-King
  • Ad Hoc - Susan R. Blau
  • "The Size and Shape of the Canvas": An Interview with John McPhee - Jared Haynes

WOE 6:1 (Fall/Winter 1994-95)

  • "Individualize": An Interview with James Moffett - Eric Schroeder & John Boe
  • The Junk That's in Us: Revisiting William Stafford - Margrethe Ahlschwede
  • Begin by Beginning Again - Katharine Haake
  • "Words and Pictures Together": An Interview with Art Spiegelman - Susan Jacobowitz
  • Harvest - Peter Najarian
  • Trial by Fury - David Shields
  • "The Power to Create for Oneself": An Interview with Peter Carey - Nick Birns
  • The Silence of the Lambs, the Roar of the Lions - Stephanie Moss
  • The Interrupted Life - Binney Paik
  • "The Size and Shape of the Canvas": An Interview with John McPhee (Part 2) - Jared Haynes
  • "Something Magic in the Storytelling": An Interview with Isabel Allende - Jan Goggans

WOE 6:2 (Spring/Summer 95)

  • "Writing Is Motivated Participation": An Interview with Charles Bazerman - Margaret Eldred
  • Rhetoric Where (As Always) Rhetoric Counts: Reading Judicial Decisions in the Writing Class - Claudia Ingram
  • Writing Down the Songs: Teaching Conflicts in Music and English - Bruce Horner
  • Reconciling Writing in Academic and Workplace Settings - LeeAnne Kryder
  • Reflections across the Divide: Written Discourse as a Structural Mirror in Teaching Science to Nonscience Students - Judith A. Swan
  • Questions and Answers - Dennis Hall
  • An Absence of Hypochondria: Memoirs of the Physically Ill, the Handicapped, and Their Caretakers - Karen Wunsch
  • Encounters with the Human Heart: An Interview with John Stone - Dale Bachman Flynn

WOE 7:1 (Fall/Winter 95-96)

  • From the Editor: ETS, the Great Satan - John Boe
  • "I Just Love It": An Interview with Carolyn See - Jan Goggans
  • The Fifth Business: Typography & the Act of Reading - Cheryl Forbes
  • A Poem Speaks for Itself - Robert Grudin
  • Writer's Block: Guest Column - Peter Elbow
  • Claiming the Baby - Jeanne Whitehouse
  • The Shaming Game: Composition Pedagogy and Emotion - Kristi Yager
  • Response to "The Shaming Game: Composition Pedagogy and Emotion" - William Coles
  • Saying Good-bye to Section 1485, or Why I Hate Teaching Advanced Composition - Kevin Davis
  • Collaboration, Consensus, and Dissoi Logoi - Kerri K. Morris and Dana Gulling Mead
  • What's Up, Doc? or Professor and Student Q and A - Tom May
  • The Dead Guy - Devan Cook
  • " Take Risks Yourself": An Interview with Wendy Bishop and Gerald Locklin - Davis Starkey

WOE 7:2 (Spring/Summer 96)

  • From the Editor: The Lovers - John Boe
  • "Changing Habits of Thinking": An Interview with Joseph Harris - Thomas West
  • Book Buyers, Book Cellars - Joseph Mills
  • An All-Too Familiar Paradox - Michelle Gibson
  • There Are Miracles Extant in This World - William Snyder Jr
  • From Journals to Essays: Reading, Writing, Re-Thinking - Devan Cook
  • The Poetics of Remembering - Eli Goldblatt
  • Gathering Material - Jack Mathews
  • What's Up on Monday Morning? TA Training and Freshman English - Margaret Baker Graham and Carol David
  • A Poem Speaks for Itself - Robert Grudin
  • Driving into the Heart of Henry Giroux's Pedagogy - Keith Rhodes
  • "As Truthful as Possible": An Interview with Maxine Hong Kingston - Eric Schroeder

WOE 8:1(Fall/Winter 1996-1997)

  • From the Editor - John Boe
  • Interview Redux: An Intraview with Stephen M. North - Steve North
  • On Not Teaching; or, Confessions of a New Writing Program Administrator - Paul Heilker
  • Writer's Block: Guest Column - Gary Olsongenerous
  • measures - Gary Lundy
  • “Stand and Deliver” Meets “Dead Poets Society” - Michael Steinberg
  • The Assignment - David Lee Hutchins
  • Out of the Depths: Academic Writers on Rejection - Michael Munley
  • Money, Class, and Curriculum: A Freshman Composition Reading Unit - Jason P. Mitchell
  • Four Poems - Darrell Fike
  • Fear - William Snyder, Jr.
  • “All Narrators are Unreliable”: An Interview with Pam Houston - Jan Goggans

WOE 8:2 (Spring/Summer 1997)

  • From the Editor: Queen Mina - John Boe
  • “Every Difference Will Be Used Against Us”: An Interview with Ira Shor - Andrea Greenbaum
  • Style Is Not Irrelevant: Finding its Place in the Nonfiction Classroom - Becky Bradway
  • Comings of Age in Rhetorica, Poetica, and Pedagogia - Doug Hesse
  • Poesis: Making Papers - Richard Lloyd-Jones
  • Four Poems - Rick Kempa
  • What the River Says: Narrative in the Composition Class - Philip Brady
  • A Day in the Life of Half of Rumpelstiltskin (First Prize Winner, Italo Calvino Writing Contest) - Kevin Brockmeier
  • A Brief Reading of Pollack’s Lavender Mist (Second Prize Winner, Italo Calvino Writing Contest) - Dennis Vannatta
  • The Grammarian Visits Zeno (Third Prize Winner, Italo Calvino Writing Contest) - Ben Miller
  • My Next Last Novel: An Interview with John Barth - Pamela Major
  • Two Abstracts - Joan Hawthorne and Kip Strasma

WOE 9:1 (Fall/Winter 97/98)

  • From the Editor: Staying on the Surface - John Boe
  • "A Little Bit of Your Soul in It": An Interview with Donald Knuth - John Boe
  • Collage: Your Cheatin' Art - Peter Elbow
  • Writing Home: A Literacy Autobiography - Eli Goldblatt
  • The Dickie Story - Jim Gorman
  • My Uncle's Guns - Ann E. Green
  • Voices Sacred and Profane - Chris W. Gallagher
  • Word Play: A Series of Incantations, Meditations, and Exhalations (Poems That Keep Growing through the Cracks of Conference Proposals) - gw rasberry
  • Behind the Scenes of Writing: A Conversation with Min-zhan Lu - Anis Bawarshi and Mary Jo Reiff

WOE 9:2 (Spring/Summer 98)

  • From the Editor - John Boe
  • An Interview with Walter Nash: "Incertitude's Her Element" - David Stacey
  • The Advocate Speaks in Defense of the Poem's Rights - Richard Hague
  • Beyond Linearity - Robert L. Root
  • Why I Teach Autobiography - Mimi Schwartz
  • Writing Blue Berries: Once More to My Summer Vacation - Lynn Z. Bloom
  • A Lesson in Alternate Style, or Thirteen Ways of Reading the Waccamaw River - Alys Culhane
  • Schooling Misery: The Ominous Threat and the Eminent Promise of the Popular Reader - Richard Miller
  • Widow's Head - Martha Gies
  • Straddling the Rhet Comp/Creative Writing Schism - Andy Crockett.
  • Imagining a Life: An Interview with Clarence Major - Margaret Eldred
  • Writer's Block: Guest Column - Steve North

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WOE 10:1 (Fall/Winter 98/99)

  • From the Editor: The Music of Words - John Boe
  • "Stop Being So Coherent": An Interview with David Bartholomae - John Boe & Eric Schroeder
  • Grammar Test: A Personal Look at the Problem(s) - Wendy Bishop
  • Paper, Trees, Fire - Paul Dresman
  • Four Poems - Liz Ahl
  • Boy of Envelopes - Doyle Wesley Walls
  • Genre Mixing, Popular Media, and the Evolution of the Academic Paper: One Writing Teacher's Response - Randall Popken
  • Incubating the Expert Persona: Theory and Practice for Enhancing Academic Literacy - Ronda Leathers Dively
  • Tillie Olsen-"I Came to Writing": An Oral History - Pamela Major

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WOE 10 :2 and Volume 11 :1 (Spring/Summer 1999 and Fall/Winter 2000)


  • Introduction - Peter Elbow
  • Re-Starting a Writing Life: Building a Home without a Bulldozer - Emily Isaacs
  • Tulips - Joyce Greenberg Lott
  • Night Class - David Franke
  • Teaching Writing at Ground Zero - Rachelle M. Smith
  • Counting Ladybugs - Krista Brumberg Stevens
  • Melissa Quits School - Lucile Burt
  • Motorcyle Dreams - Emily J. Wilson-Orzechowski
  • Writing: The Interpreter of Desires - Robert Eddy
  • Jasmine - Jennifer Shaff
  • The Compositionist - Stephen K. Tollefson
  • Pulling Toward Heaven - Jessica Barksdale Inclan
  • Year 2000 - Jerry Blitefield
  • A Day in the Life - Gregory Shafer
  • Two Journal Excerpts - Susan Johnson
  • From My Teaching Journal - Ella Kusnetz
  • Death, Desire, and Teaching Frankenstein in Fresno - Ruth Y. Jenkins
  • Relationships - Katharine Mastrantonio
  • What Caleb Taught Me - Eve Gerken
  • Your Life - Eleanor Berry
  • And Then You Can Care for All Things - Kalyana Miller
  • The Myth of Right Answers: Two Short Math - Kevin Davis
  • Daughter/Student: The Too Personal Essay - Mary E. Heidorn
  • "Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?" A Nontraditional Woman Writes to Read - Rita Eastburg
  • Call Me: the Story of Moby Dick - Martine L. de Vos
  • Boys of the Sixties, Men of the Seventies - Bernard Horn
  • One Mean Bad Kid - Nancy McCabe
  • Teaching Writing: "True Poems" - Libby Falk Jones
  • Pepito-the One Who Slipped Away - Susan Hunt
  • Hearing with the Heart: Listening to Vernon - Vicki Flucard Smith

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WOE 11:2 (Spring/Summer 00)

  • From the Editor: Why Can't Americans Write English? - John Boe
  • "A Nest of Singing Rhetorical Birds": An Interview with Walker Gibson - Margaret M. Strain
  • Vietnam Voices, or Uncle Ho meets Country Joe (and the Fish) - Peter Caulfield
  • If This Were Not a Collage: A Collage - Chris W. Gallagher
  • Crimes of Writing: Refiguring "Proper" Discursive Practices - Lisa W. Ede & Andrea Abernethy Lunsford
  • Memory as Travel: The Role of Story in Cultural Resistance and Cultural Change - Stuart Ching
  • this (writing, and the production value of time) - Craig Greenman
  • Why I Study Spanish - Pauline Uchmanowicz
  • "A Sense of Professional Well Being": An Interview with Charles Moran - Margaret M. Strain

WOE 12.1 (Fall/Winter 01)

  • From the Editor: Creative Nonfiction -John Boe
  • An Interview with Kim Stanley Robinson -Amy Clarke
  • Writing Literary Memoir: Are We Obliged to Tell the Real Truth? -Michael Steinberg
  • Why Don't You Collage That? -Robert Root
  • Who Am I in this Story? The Power of Voice in Creative Nonfiction -Mimi Schwartz
  • Toward a Personal Ethics of Telling -Jenny Spinner
  • Running Roughshod: An Ethical Dilemma in Creative Nonfiction -Sondra Perl
  • The Disarming Seduction of Stories -Pat C. Hoy II
  • Textual Power, Textual Guilt: Telling (Other People's) True Stories -Lynn Z. Bloom
  • You Were Cupid -Robin M. Carstensen
  • Two Haiku -Andrew S. Delfino
  • Teaching Writing as an Amoral Act -Stephen K. Tollefson
  • Humbly Submitted: A Tale of First Book Publication -Peter Donahue
  • My First Book -Mather Schneider
  • Playing by Different Rules: "Gender Switching" and Critical Pedagogy -Amy M. Ward
  • A Good Place? -William W. Graham
  • A Response to "A Good Place?" -Peter Y Sussman
  • Imagining Stories: An Interview with Nancy Welch -Fred Santiago Arroyo and Alice Gillam
  • And Featuring Writer's Block cartoons - Tim Flower

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WOE 12:2 (Spring/Summer 01)

  • From the Editor: Theodore Roethke on Teaching - John Boe
  • "Once More to the Essay": An Interview with Lynn Z. Bloom - Jenny Spinner
  • Requiem for the Outline - Pat C. Hoy II
  • Three Poems - Ann Hudson
  • Missing Link: Metacognition and the Necessity of Poetry in the Composition Classroom - Valerie Mart’nez
  • The Imperfect - Liz Ahl
  • The Workshop Elf - Marvin Diogenes
  • Four Poems - Hans Ostrom
  • Western Rhetoric and Plagiarism: Gatekeeping for an English-Only International Academia - Eric Prochaska 65
  • The Empowerment of Laughter and the Language of Community - Tarez Samra Graban 81
  • "A Strange Hodgepodge": An Interview with Oliver Sacks - Dale Bachman Flynn 85

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WOE 13.1 (Fall 02)

  • From the Editor: The Limitations of Language - John Boe
  • "Failure is the Way We Learn": An Interview with William E. Coles - John Boe and Eric Schroeder
  • The Journal as Doorway to the Inward Landscape: A Meditation on Writing and Place - Mike Heller
  • Letter to My Students - Paul M. Puccio
  • Lesson - Sarah E. Skwire
  • What's Love Got to Do with It?-A Correspondence - Wendy Bishop and Kevin Davis
  • The Trouble with Teenages - Denise Abercrombie
  • It Doesn't Work for Me: A Critique of the Workshop Approach to Teaching Poetry Writing and a Suggestions for Revision - Tom C. Hunley
  • Verb Lesson - Beth Paulsson
  • "Something Beyond Meaning": The Poet's Problem in Freshman Composition - Paul Allen
  • Skyline: September 12, 2001 - Janine DeBaise
  • On the Breath of Dawn: Served by Literacy - Margrethe Ahlschwede
  • "Theodore Baird" - Peter Najarian
  • "Try to Establish a Conversation": An Oral History - Theodore Baird

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WOE 13:2 (Spring 03)

  • From the Editors: The Ethics of Representation - Robert Brooke and Amy Goodburn
  • Barter - Kate Brooke
  • The Ethics of Research and the CCCC Ethical Guidelines: An Electronic Interview with Ellen Cushman and Peter Mortensen - Robert Brooke and Amy Goodburn
  • Ethics in a Postmodern Age: Lapsing into Legalism - Janis E. Haswell
  • Informed Dissent: Beyond IRB Ethics in Research - David Wallace
  • Presenting and Mispresenting Students: Constructing an Ethic of Representation in Composition Studies - Lulu C. H. Sun
  • The Ethics of Researching Composition Students and Their Work - Carra Leah Hood
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Ethical Principles for (Re)Presenting Students and Student Writing in Teachers' Publications - Lynn Z. Bloom
  • Editing Dialogics: Ethical Issues Concerning Student Contributors in Edited Collections - John Paul Tassoni and Gail Tayko
  • Ethics and Agency in WPA Space - Suellynn Duffy

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WOE 14:1 (Fall 03)

  • From the Editor: Noise from the Writing Center and Educating EsmŽ - John Boe
  • An Interview with Donald Murray: "Lose Yourself" (plus Murray interviews Murray) - John Boe and Janet Marting
  • Three Poems - Leonard Orr
  • Student Pieties and Pedagogical Hot Spots: Mediating Faith-Based Topics in First-Year Composition - Jan Worth
  • Two Poems - Anne Coray
  • A Dinosaur in My Pocket: Lessons for Teaching at a Women's Shelter - Anjali Nerlekar and Jill Zasadny
  • Try This Journal - Richard Arnold
  • Little People (Winner of the 2002 Donald Murray Award) - Jonathan Pitts
  • The First Day - Janis Greve
  • Out of and Back Into the Box: Redefining Essays and Options - Melissa A. Goldthwaite
  • An Interview with Anne Fadiman:"I Feel Like a Cleaning Lady" - John Boe and Eric Schroeder

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WOE 14:2 (Spring 04)

  • Remembering Wendy -
  • "I Have Fun Playing with Language": An Interview with Keith Gilyard - Sharon James McGee
  • White Field, Black Sheep - Daiva Markelis
  • Three Poems - Tom Hunley
  • Auto/graphing: Wheels, Writing, and Work - Peter Vandenberg
  • Two Poems - Todd Heldt
  • The Three C's: Composition, Cancer, and Chemotherapy - Michael Mattison
  • The Psychological Consequences of Reading Student Texts - John Rouse and Gordon Pradl
  • Another Fine Mess: the Pregnant Body and the Discipleof the Line - Elizabeth Birmingham
  • "Ideas Stream By": An Interview with John McPhee - Jared Hayes

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WOE 15:1 (Fall 04)

  • From the Editor -
  • Highlights from Ken Macrorie's Curriculum Vitae -
  • An Interview with Ken Macrorie: "Arrangements for Truthtelling" - John Boe and Eric Schroeder
  • Ken Macrorie's Commitment and the Need for What's Wild - Peter Elbow
  • A Piano Lesson with Macrorie - Peter Stillman 24
  • Macrorie's Gifts - Ed Darling
  • Words and Things:A Tribute to Ken Macrorie - Thomas Newkirk
  • Still Uptaught After All These Years - Chris Burnham
  • Ken Macrorie and the 1970s Bust Out - Miles Myers
  • The Truth and the Tower - Patricia McGonegal
  • Too Many Books - Michael Spooner
  • Gator Bait: On Teaching, Writing, and Growing Up on the Bayou - Elizabeth Boquet
  • The Guy It Happens To - Rob Schnelle
  • Snapshots of an Academic Daughter, Daughter-in-law, Mother - Stephanie Vanderslice
  • My Writing Can't - Marcia RenŽe Goodman
  • Tractors, Cactus and Exotic Pets - Martin Scott
  • "This Electrifying Moment": An Interview with Anna Deavere Smith - J. Chris Westgate 101

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WOE 15:2 (Spring 05)

  • An Interview with Wayne Booth: "Covering Almost All of Life" - John Boe
  • Content in Composition Studies:Four Ways of Discussing a Difficult Subject - Patricia Donahue, Judith Goleman, Mariolina Rizzi Salvatori, and James Seitz
  • Teaching Content in Composition - Mariolina Rizzi Salvatori
  • Historicizing the Form/Content Split in Composition Studies - Judith Goleman
  • Content and the Composition Curriculum - James E. Seitz
  • Content (and Discontent) in Composition Studies - Patricia Donahue
  • Tainted Love? - Joseph Mills
  • Close Exegesis Becomes Jesus - Dale Rigby
  • Cut Out the Mother - Christine Hemp
  • Two Poems - Cynthia Nichols
  • Making 4Cs Matter More - Claude Hurlbert, Derek Owens, and Robert Yagelski
  • An Interview with Susan Orlean: "The Nature of the Curious Mind" - John Boe

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WOE 16:1 (Fall 05)

  • From the Editor - John Boe
  • An Interview with Roger Sale: “Covering Almost All of Life” - John Boe
  • Homesick - Luz DeLeon
  • In the Beginning Was the Word: Teaching Pre-College English at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility - Frances Biscoglio
  • Ten Stories I Never Heard in Grad School - Paul Handstedt
  • This is It - Eli Goldblatt
  • Up to the Bottom: Reflections of a Working-Class Writing Instructor - Nick Tingle
  • Imperative Vigilance - Lisa Lebduska
  • Pounding Humility into my Head: Can Awful Drumming Lead to Better Teaching? - Mark Peters
  • Teacher, Time to Go - Dustin Beale Smith
  • “Life Is Dangerous”: An Interview with Alan Lightman - Cassandra Atherton

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WOE 16:2 (Spring 06)

  • From the Editor - John Boe
  • “Some Kind of Creative Pulse”: An Interview with Frank Kermode - Nicolas Birns and John Boe
  • Incorporeal Transformations: The Power of Audience for Women Writing in Prison - Tom Kerr
  • Models of Authority: So the Spell Cannot Be Broken - Fred Arroyo
  • Unwanted Magazine Subscriptions: The Anatomy of an Argument - Alys Culhane
  • The Route to the Top - Eve Lamborn
  • Lorraine's Story - Brian Goedde
  • A Double Life - Robert L. Root Jr.
  • “The Things You remember”: An Interview with James Salter - Ed Kahn and John Boe
  • The Last Word -

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WOE 17:1 (Fall 06)

  • From the Editor - John Boe
  • “I Want to Rip Your Heart Out”: An Interview with Pat Hoy - Mel Livatino
  • In the Name of the Father: Self Naming in the Face of Institutional Patriarchy - Elise Geraghty
  • Jessica, Who Has No Last Name - Lynnell Edwards
  • The Mommy in the Classroom - Beth Ann Fennelly
  • How I Learned - Megan Sullivan
  • But Why, Annie Dillard? - Rochelle Harris.
  • “It's All Storytelling”: An Interview with Michael Pollan - Pamela Demory
  • The Last Word -

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WOE 17:2 (Spring 07)

  • From the Editor: Donald Murray Speaks! - John Boe
  • Donald Murray Remembered -
  • An Interview with Harold Bloom: "Deep Subjectivity" - Cassandra Atherton
  • Lookin‘ for Fame at the 4Cs Convention - Mel Livatino
  • A Response to Professor Livatino - George Hillocks, Jr.
  • A Response to “Lookin‘ for Fame at the 4Cs Convention” - Jenny Spinner
  • Livatino Replies to Spinner -
  • In Quest of Accuracy about the 4Cs Convention - Doug Hess
  • Livatino Replies to Hesse -
  • One Draft at a Time: the Rewards of Process - Dustin Beall Smith
  • On Reading Standardized Essay Exams - H. K. Hummel
  • An Interview with Toni Morrison: “Thinking about a Story.” - Jennifer Hoofard
  • The Last Word -

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WOE 18:1 (Fall 07)

  • From the Editor - John Boe
  • "Where Meaning and Being Gathers": An Interview with Claude Hurlbert - Krystia Nora, Roseanne Gatto, Dawn Fels, and Elizabeth Campbell
  • The Nonfiction Motive - Robert L. Root, Jr.
  • Teaching Composition, Writing Creative Nonfiction: A Personal Narrative - Michael Steinberg
  • Making It New with Orlean - John Boe
  • Title: See Below pp. 1-2 - M. Elizabeth Sargent
  • Eighteen and Forty - Paula Lambert
  • Forming Oneself on the Page - Marcia Renée Goodman
  • That Kind of Person - Brian Sutton
  • An Interview with Dana Gioia: “Tradition is a Romance” - Cassandra Atherton
  • Book Reviews - Thomas Allbaugh and Margaret Eldred
  • The Last Word -

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WOE 18:2 (Spring 08)

  • From the Editor: Big Woids - John Boe
  • “The Life of the Imagination Goes on Everywhere”: An Interview with Stephen Greenblatt - Cassandra Atherton
  • How We Talk When We Talk About “Us”: Academic Rhetoric and the Erasure of Small Schools - Paul Hanstedt
  • Making It Up As I Go - Sarah Hardison O’Connor
  • An Outpost of Fiction - Michael Wright
  • A Five-Paragraph Defense of the Five-Paragraph Essay - Kurt Schick
  • Three Poems - Hans Ostrom
  • An Interview with Ngugi wa Thiong’o: “Writers Are Possessed” - Jayetta Slawson
  • “Some Rememberings”: Grace Paley at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility - Jane Maher
  • Requiem for Part-Timers - Michelle Barany
  • A Plan for All Seasons: Reflections of a Writing Tutor - Rebecca Bell
  • Finding Words - Jaqueline McLeod Rogers
  • “When the Unexpected and the Cool Coincide”: An Interview with John Lescroart - Chris Thaiss
  • The Last Word -

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WOE 19:1 (Fall 08)

  • From the Editor: Wallace Stegner's On Teaching and Writing Fiction - John Boe
  • On the Teaching of Creative Writing - Wallace Stegner
  • Why Murray Matters - Lad Tobin
  • Murray and the Process of Internal Revision: A Think Piece - Donna Qualley
  • Our Mornings with Murray - Bruce Ballenger
  • Donald Murray and the “Other Self” - Thomas Newkirk
  • Poetry Stand - Douglas Goetsch
  • Confidence for Terrified Hearts: Concerto for Orchestra and Writing Center - Kevin M. Davis
  • The Good Essay - Abby Rabinowitz
  • A Tale of Two Workshops - Way Jeng
  • Listen to This - Lisa Roney
  • "Something Beyond Storytelling”: An Interview with Nuala O’Faolain - Jane Maher
  • The Last Word -

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WOE 19:2 (Spring 09)

  • From the Editor: Reading Imaginary Words - John Boe
  • "You Have to Find Balance": An Interview with Tracy Kidder - David Masiel.
  • On Procrastination - John Perry
  • Audience of One - Jennifer Sinor
  • Academic - John Yohe
  • B All the Way - Celia Bland
  • “It’s Musical and It's Beautiful”: An Interview with Diane Wakoski - Jason Wirtz
  • Becoming the Loon: Performance Pedagogy and Female Masculinity - Stacey Waite
  • Why I Write - Sarah Fielding
  • Coming Apart and Falling Together: Teaching from the Sidelines - Lois Ann Abraham
  • Taking the Pulse of the Essay - Rob Schnelle
  • Book Review—Local Histories: Refiguring the Composition Archive - Lucille M. Schultz
  • "Who Drank the Hemlock?”: An Interview with Noam Chomsky -
  • The Last Word -

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WOE 20:1 (Fall 10)

  • From the Editor: Twenty Years - John Boe
  • “Writing Itself Is Some Sort of Kluge”: An Interview with Gary Marcus - Carl Whithaus and Dale Bachman Flynn.
  • God in the Comp Class: A Pragmatic Approach - Joe Wagner
  • Confluences (Donald Murray Prize Winner) - Jennifer Sinor
  • Selected Highlights from Twenty Years of WOE Interviews
  • Everything Was Going Quite Smoothly until I Stumbled on a Footnote - David Bartholomae
  • Invisible Classes: An Imaginary Dialogue and Travelogue - Justin Thurman
  • Role-Playing in Comp—Fake It ’Til You Make It - Brian Jackson
  • “Just Another Working Guy Who Had a Weird Idea for a Book”: An Interview with Sebastian Junger - Katherine Maguid
  • The Last Word -

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WOE 20:2 (Spring 10)

  • From the Editor: What the F - John Boe
  • "The Stuff That’s Quirky and Fresh and Surprising": An Interview with Mary Roach - Dale Bachman Flynn.
  • The Writer's Hourglass - Joel Garber
  • Ready or Not: A One-Act Play- John Yohe
  • Screenplay! the Fate of English 489 - Darcie Bowden
  • There‘s Humor and There‘s Tears”: An Interview with Sondra Perl - John Boe
  • It Started with Process: One Writer and Teacher‘s Journey - Kathleen J. Cassity
  • Finding the “Lovely Lower Purposes” of Writing - Paul Walker
  • “If You Don't Want to Take Risks, Then You Have to Be Silent”: An Interview with Howard Zinn - Cassandra Atherton
  • The Last Word -

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WOE 21:1 (Fall 10)

  • From the Special Issue Editor: Teaching Around the World - Chris Thaiss
  • "Serendipity and Grace": An Interview with Eric Weiner - Eric Schroeder and John Boe
  • Reflections and Refractions of Teaching Writing in Thailand - Pisarn Bee Chamcaratsri
  • Teaching Writing in Equador: Falsos Amigos, Primos Hermanos, and Hermitas Con Cafe - Carol Severino
  • Writing Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:  Dwelling and Crossing - Jaqaueline McLeod Rogers 
  • (In  Search of) New Zealand Literacies: Writing Instruction, Place, and Publics - Hannah Gerrard
  • Across the Curriculum, Across the Sea:  Writing the Mangle of a French Engineering School - Rebecca Savage Bilbro
  • Recovering Teacher - Jo Scott-Coe 
  • A Case for Stephen King's Memoir for Writing Instruction - Thomas Allbaugh
  • "More is More": An Interview with William Least Heat Moon - Shellie Banga
  • The Last Word 
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WOE 21:2 (Spring 11)

  • From the Editor: My Best Teacher - John Boe
  • "Our Work Defines Who We Are": An Interview with Patrick Bizzaro - Edward Carvalho 
  • On Genres as Ways of Being -Paul Heilker 
  • "In Our Names": Rewriting the U.S. Death Penalty - Kimberley K. Gunter 
  • The Cook, the Student, His Wife, and Their Teacher - Casey O'Brien Gerhart
  • Yes, Professor - Sue Saltmarsh 
  • Professing Emotion: What I Didn't Say about the Holocaust in First Year English - Matthew A. Levy
  • Talking to One's Selfs - Ryan Ireland 
  • Teaching the Texts We Love - Heather Trahan 
  • Humanomics: An Interview with Deirdre McCloskey - John Boe and Ed Kahn 
  • The Last Word 

WOE 22:1 (Fall 11) 

  • From the (Former) Editor: "This is Just to Say..." -John Boe 
  • "The Intimate Sound of a Writer's Voice": An Interview with Phillip Lopate -Eric Leake 
  • The Box - A Mantra for a Writers' Workshop - Annette Gendler 
  • Must We Mean What We Say? - David Bartholomae 
  • Free Riding - Brad Monsma 
  • The Effect of Homemade Bombs on the Composition Process - John Verlenden 
  • Something from Nothing: The Writing Teacher's Work - Robert Danberg 
  • Letting Our Students Get to Know Us - Michael Larkin 
  • Dictionary Marginalia - Virginia Beards 
  • "This Is Not My Area": An Ex-Janitor's Reflections on the Campus-Wide Teaching of College Writing Skills  - Randal Woodward 
  • Worshipping at the Altar: Creative Writing and the Myth of Inspiration - Michael Smith 
  • When Praise Becomes Problematic: Positive Feedback and the Creative Process - Julie K. Chisholm 
  • Teachers - Bill Marsh 
  • "Every Recipe Has a Story": An Interview with Diana Kennedy - Eric James Schroeder 
  • The Last Word 

WOE 22:2 (Spring 2012) 

  • From the Editor: Notes from the Edge - David Masiel 
  • "Grappling with Moral Decisions": An Interview with Atul Gawande - Dale Flynn
  • How to Do Things With Titles - Sandie Friedman 
  • Combat in the Classroom - Travis L. Martin
  • The Power of "No": Buddhist Mindfulness and the Teaching of Composition - Marlen Elliot Harrison 
  • FICTION: Gaps in the Fence - Jim Hilgartner 
  • Teaching Under Threat - Stephanie Elizondo Griest 
  • Tracing the Image on the Ceiling: Reading as Invention - Jason Wirtz 
  • "That from a Long Way off Look Like Flies": Lists, Writing Handbooks, and Heterotopias - Tara Roeder 
  • Thoughts in the Presence of Emotion - Aubrey Streit Krug 
  • "Poetry Descends from the Sacred": An Interview with Camille Paglia - Cassandra Atherton 
  • The Last Word 

WOE 23:1 (Fall 12) 

  • From the Editor: Nothing Left to Say - David Masiel 
  • "Not Just to Bear Witness": An Interview with Jeffrey Gettleman - Eric Leake
  • Pruning - Laurie Glover 
  • Counter-Coulter: A Story of Craft and Ethos - Rebecca Jones and Heather Palmer
  • FICTION: Sister - Andrew Lam 
  • The Haunting: Poetry and Fashion in the Creative Writing Workshop - Cassandra Atherton 
  • Beginning: An Autoethnography - Lauren DiPaula 
  • Immigrating to Composition; Identity and Intellectual Inheritance - Stephen Sutherland 
  • Composing: An Ars Logica - Adam M. Pacton 
  • That Racket Down the Hallway: Shattering Silence(s) through Narratives of Inqueery - Daisy Breneman, Susan Ghiaciuc and Scott Lunsford 
  • The Last Word 

WOE 23:2 (Spring 12) 

  • From the Editor: Confessions of a Plagiarist - David Masiel 
  • "Cultivating Writerly Sensibilities": An Interview with Doug Hesse - Eric Leake 
  • David Byrne Starts Making Sense: Why Writing Scholars and Teachers Should Read How Music Works - Chris W. Gallagher 
  • Debris - JM Huscher 
  • Developmental Writing Developments - Greg Sullivan 
  • War, Trauma, and the Writing Classroom: A Response to Travis Martin's "Combat in the Classroom" - Alexis Hard and Roger Thompson 
  • The Rhetoric of Suicide Notes - Jenny Grosvenor 
  • "The First Leaf in the Historical Record": An Interview with Margalit Fox - Jane Maher 
  • Writing in America - Holly Bauer and Madeleine Picciotto 
  • Writing Woes in the Land of Moa - Gary Young II 
  • Perspectives on Plagiarism - Grant Eckstein 
  • ~An Immodest Proposal for Preventing our Poor Students from Becoming a Burden to the Professors and Universities, Simply by Introducing a New Mark of Punctuation~ - Stanford Tweedie 
  • The Last Word 

WOE 24:1 (Fall 13) 

  • From the Editor: Here I Sit -David Masiel 
  • "Some of It Is Serendipity": An Interview with Victor Villanueva - Donna Evans 
  • Curiosity Won't Kill Your Cat": A Meditation on Bathroom Graffiti as Underlife Public Writing - Cathryn Molloy 
  • The Second Greatest English Teacher in America - Mel Livatino 
  • Learning to Write: Getting to Fiction - Jane Arnold 
  • Ice Cream in the Cold Wind: Struggles with a Second Genre in a Second Language - Carol Severino 
  • "Awk"-ing and "Frag"-ing Our Way to the Writing Center - Russell Brickey 
  • Andy Teaches Me to Listen: Queer Silence and the Problem of Participation - Stacey Waite 
  • The Drama of Alteration - Michael Woolf 
  • Writing with the Wall: Inventing Memory of the Vietnam War - Sam Hamilton 
  • "Data Don't Breathe": An Interview with Quintilian, the Master Teacher of Rome - James J. Murphy 
  • The Last Word 


WOE 24:2 (Spring 14) 

  • From the Editor: A Failure to Thrive and Other Maladies - David Masiel 
  • "There's No Such Thing as Wasted Reporting": An Interview with Sam Freedman - Sasha Abramsky 
  • Billy the Kid's Tombstone, or Searching for the Publics of Creative Nonfiction - John-Michael Rivera 
  • Summer School (after Po Chu-I) - Cindy King 
  • Diagnosis of Exclusion: Shaping an Identity between Creative Writing and Rhetoric - Ben Ristow 
  • Impaired Faculty: Tenure, Treatment or Termination? - Karen Surman Paley 
  • Confessions of a Recovering Grade Inflator - Clara Lewis 
  • Assignment Makeover - Bonnie Auslander 
  • Story of the Incredibly Non-Directive Tutor - Thomas Reynolds 
  • Uncertain Wanderings: Allowing Students to Lead, Fail, and Grow within Service-Learning - Tereza Joy Kramer 
  • Inspirations from Mama's Two Wisdoms - Leonora Anyango-Kivuuva
  • My Father's Walls: Invention After Exile - Thomas Girshin 
  • "Change Your Ruling Science": An Interview with Justine Larbalestier and Scott Westerfeld - Laurie Glover and Nathaniel Williams 
  • The Last Word