Sample Articles

The following are samples of works published in WOE that accurately capture the experiences of writing and teaching. This list is not exhaustive, and we encourage authors to experiement with other forms besides the traditional academic journal article. As is our tradition, we look for a wide range of genres, including personal essays, humor, fiction, poetry, comics, and literary narratives, and we are open to further explorations into multimodal and mixed genres. 


An Interview with Margaret Atwood: "The Ancient Mariner Experience" by James McElroy

An Interview with Susan Orlean: "The Nature of the Curious Mind" by John Boe

A Love Note to Iowa: Multigenre Writing in the Place-Based Ecocomposition Classroom by Yasmin Rioux

Epiphanies of the Ordinary: Personal Stories of Climate Change by Nancy Bray

Queer Lives Still on the Boundary by Jonathan Alexander and David L. Wallace

Show—Don't Tell by Courtney Weber

Writing with the Wall: Inventing Memory of the Vietnam War by Sam Hamilton

Fieldwork with a Five-Year-Old: A Summative Report by Kate Vieira