Editorial Board

Our Editorial Board is comprised of scholars who provide feedback on submissions that have passed initial review by our Editors.

Robert Brooke (University of Nebraska)

Grant Eckstein (Brigham Young University)

Lisa Ede (Oregon State University)

Hogan Hayes (California State University, Sacramento)

Jim Hilgartner (Huntingdon College) 

William F. Irmscher (University of Washington)

Nan Johnson (Ohio State University)

Andrea Abernethy Lunsford (Stanford University)

Glen McClish (San Diego State University)

Gretchen Flesher Moon (Willamette University)

Stuart Moulthrop (University of Baltimore)

Gary Olson (Idaho State)

Hans Ostrom (University of Puget Sound)

Christopher Thaiss (University of California, Davis)

Stephanie Tucker (California State University, Sacramento)

Jennifer Westbay (University of California, Los Angeles)

Carl Whithaus (University of California, Davis)

In Memoriam 

James J. Murphy (University of California, Davis)